DeepFlight to introduce revolutionary self-pilot submarine at MYS 2014

22 September 2014

DeepFlight has recently announced that it will introduce an entirely new type of personal submarine at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014.  The DeepFlight Dragon is the most compact, lightweight personal submarine on the market and is so intuitive to use that clients self-pilot the craft with minimal instruction. DeepFlight has already integrated its submarines into sailing and motor yacht operations and is the first personal submarine manufacturer to sell its craft for resort and tourism operations. The company is currently accepting pre-orders for Dragons at a special introductory rate.

DeepFlight Dragon Submersible Superyacht Toy

The all-electric (zero emissions) DeepFlight Dragon was designed specifically for easy use from yacht or shore to explore the twilight zone down to four hundred feet (120 meters). At 3,968 pounds (1,300 kg) and under 5 feet (1.5 m) in height, the Dragon is less than half the weight of competing submarines and readily fits into existing yacht garages or deck areas. Like all DeepFlight personal submarines, the Dragon is positively buoyant, meaning the craft automatically floats to the surface. And the Dragon is the first DeepFlight craft to use vertical thrust, thus enabling a hover capability. 

The two-person Dragon is the only submarine which has enough power to rely solely on vertical thrust to dive, eliminating the complexity of the ballast and drop weight systems that all competing submersibles use to get heavy and sink to depth. This newest DeepFlight craft also uniquely offers the DeepFlight Dive Manager, a proprietary technology that monitors and manages critical functions, therefore eliminating the need for a professional pilot in a third seat.

DeepFlight has over forty-five years experience innovating the most advanced underwater craft. Its flagship craft, the DeepFlight Super Falcon, pioneered underwater flight, and the DeepFlight Dragon makes a further breakthrough in introducing the power and on board monitoring and management systems that enable people to pilot the craft themselves with minimal instruction, and to enjoy underwater flight with hovering capability. Owners of DeepFlight submarines include, among others, Sir Richard Branson; venture capitalist, Tom Perkins; and Red Bull Founder, Dietrich Mateschitz. DeepFlight recently delivered a DeepFlight Super Falcon to Laucala Island in Fiji, which is the second resort to own a DeepFlight submarine for guest experiences. 

Adam Wright, president of DeepFlight said, “We have made a giant leap forward in introducing our newest submarine, the DeepFlight Dragon. We now offer the lowest weight and lowest profile personal submersible available, and the only such craft that offers both hover and flight capabilities and comes equipped with a built-in Dive Manager. We believe the Dragon will open the market for subsea recreation at a large scale and anticipate that you will soon be seeing DeepFlight craft at more resort and marina locations around the world.”

Graham Hawkes, founder and CEO of DeepFlight added, “While humans have long dreamed of flying machines, we have actually realised this dream by building craft that fly underwater. Over the last twenty years we have tested and proven five generations of personal submarines, with each generation breaking through to new and powerful capabilities.  With the DeepFlight Dragon, we wanted people to fully enjoy the experience of flying a submarine on their own. After all, no one buys a sports car and then gives the keys to a chauffeur.“ 

For more information please visit DeepFlight at the Monaco Yacht Show stand QH10 or visit

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