Gabriele Teruzzi reveals 150m radical superyacht design

05 May 2016

Yacht designer Gabriele Teruzzi has revealed radical concept renderings for his latest 150m superyacht design, Shaddai, which includes a uniquely elevated owner’s deck, high above the rest of the yacht.

Shaddai includes a uniquely elevated owner's deck, high above the rest of the yacht.

Designed to provide her owner and guests with unparalleled views out, Shaddai is almost separated in two, with the front of her superstructure framed in large windows, while at the stern, three rear terraces are overshadowed by a fourth horizontal deck several metres above.

 Shaddai has been designed in order to give owners and guests unparalleled views out.

An infinity pool and al fresco dining area can be found at the highest point of the vessel above the owner’s accommodation, creating a breathtaking experience for her guests. She has a second infinity pool on her main deck some metres below, closely connected with her 300sqm beach club with side starboard terrace that opens out of the bulwark.

The owner's deck includes a infinity pool with glass end and al fresco dining area.

Teruzzi explained that the futuristic shape of the yacht was inspired by the most contemporary architecture. He said, “‘Shaddai’ means Omnipotent, so the yacht takes a name that corresponds perfectly to the main concept that I had in mind since the beginning.

Views out from the pool area of the owner's deck.

“To ascend from the ground has been a desire in human kind since the very beginning. There are precious examples, like the Tower of Babel, the pyramids in Egypt, and today in the magnificent skyscrapers; the wish to touch the clouds continues to be present in the most powerful minds.”

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