Blohm & Voss

Blohm & Voss


Established in 1877 Blohm + Voss is recognised around the world as one of the leading shipbuilders. During their 137-year history they have constructed over 980 vessels.

The original Blohm & Voss engineering shop, 1879


Located in the heart of Hamburg, in the port city of Elbe. The ultramodern infrastructure surrounding the Port of Hamburg, and the 450,000sqm shipyard will allow superyacht crew and build teams to feel at home with luxury hotels and a wide range of contemporary places.

Unique selling points

Blohm + Voss is a highly innovative shipyard and is known as pioneers within the shipbuilding community. 

In 1900, before the term ‘superyacht’ had been invented, Blohm + Voss claim they built the first ever ship designed exclusively for pleasure cruising; The Prinzessin Victoria Luise


First superyacht ever built by Blohm & Voss Prinzessin Victoria Luise

Yard Facilities

With over 450,000sqm of shipyard space, Blohm + Voss have room to deploy a wide range of shipbuilding techniques using state-of-the-art equipment.

Their fitting-out quays have 12 cranes with lifting capacities of up to 50t. As well as heavy-duty lifting equipment, their workshops have specialist machinery for milling, turning, pressing, broaching, slotting, grinding, boring, cutting and bending.

At a height of 20.5 metres, the Blohm + Voss paint shop is one of the tallest buildings at their shipyard. Approximately 675m2 in size, and able to carry out surface preparation and coating work with modern, environmentally friendly technology.

Superyacht A

Renowned Superyachts

Throughout the years the company has produced many iconic yachts including the second largest yacht in the world 162m Eclipse and the 73m ECO, which was launched in 1991 and was capable of reaching 37 knots.

Among many other notable yachts launched was the 134m Savarona, 105m Lady Moura, 119m A, 93m Mayan Queen IV and 96m Palladium.