Pendennis Shipyard



Pendennis Shipyard was established in 1988 when a local yacht building company was acquired by Peter de Savary. With a heritage spanning 27 years Pendennis has completed over 200 refit projects and 30 custom-build megayachts.

Pendennis Shipyard was established in 1988


Located at Falmouth Docks, UK, Pendennis enjoys having one of the UK’s leading custom superyacht build and refit facilities, employing over 350 staff at their main shipyard in Falmouth.

This along with Pendennis’ expansion into Europe with the addition of the Palma Refit yard in STP has given Pendennis much greater reach.

Unique selling points

Pendennis is one of the largest superyacht shipyards in the United Kingdom and has dedicated facilities for the construction and refit of 30m-100m sail and motor yachts

360 employees covering all trades in-house means that Pendennis can undertake all aspects of superyacht build and refit on site using their own tradespeople.

Pendennis provides through-life global care. They are the only company in their sector to have expanded to include smaller service centres globally. The Pendennis support centres in the Mediterranean and Pacific deliver engineering support and supplies to their fleet once they have completed their time in the yard in Falmouth.

Yard Facilities

Pendennis has the ability to undertake a wide range of motor and sail yacht projects since their acquisition of Devonport Yachts in 2010, now known as Pendennis Plus. 

Pendennis has the capabilities of building custom build megayachts as well as the refit, remodel and restoration of megayachts from the 30m-100m range.

Pendennis has the capabilities of building custom build megayachts as well as the refit, remodel and restoration in the 30m-100m range

Falmouth facilities

The on-site facilities include a selection of purpose built workshops, offices and storage for tradespeople and crew, as well as two 75m undercover dry docks, which are 100% environmentally controlled with a state-of-the-art dust extraction system.

Two new 90m-construction halls have been created alongside an additional 45m hall. The central spine holds hosts project offices and workshops with direct access to the construction bays. An additional four-storey building has increased office and workshop space with the addition of a hospitality suite.

Construction of a depth-controlled wet basin started in May 2014, which will provide direct seaward access to Pendennis with a holding area before and after their time in the yard, as well as a base for short refit works for yachts of up to 100m.

Palma facilities

Launched in July 2011, their base in Palma at STP focuses on assisting clients with routine maintenance and interim works. The shipyard provides continuity of care and on going support from the Falmouth shipyard at a convenient location in the Mediterranean.

Renowned Superyachts

Pendennis has 30 custom superyachts; their portfolio include  S/Y Akalam,  highly technical  32m Barracuda Yacht and S/Y Christopher a 46m Ron Holland designer ketch.

Pendennis has built many custom superyachts including the S:Y Christopher a 46m Ron Holland designed ketch