Perini Navi

Perini Navi


Founded by Fabio Perini in 1983, Perini Navi specialises in the building of ultra large sailing yachts but also builts motor yachts under the name Picchiotti.

In the early nineties Perini Navi acquired the historic Italian shipyard that was founded in 1600, Cantiere Picchiotti shipyard as a base to operate its motor yacht division. 

Today Perini Navi operates in five specific market sectors:

• Large sailing yachts that range from 40 to 60 metres
• Large sailing yachts over 60 meters and custom projects
• A racing line of sailing yachts 
• A fast cruising line of sailing yachts
• Picchiotti motor yachts from the Vitruvius® series

Perini Navi is the largest operator in the large sail yacht industry


Based out of Viareggio, Italy Perini has further facilities in Tuzla, Turkey, La Spezia, Italy and a charter and brokerage office in Rhode Island, USA.

Unique selling points

With a market share of 51% and 56 delivered sailing yachts Perini Navi is the largest operator in the large sail yacht industry. Much of the ship builder’s success is due because of the revolutionary sail handling system that Fabio Perini pioneered, which allowed just one person to handle the sails of large-sized sailing yachts.

Impressive Sail Yacht

Yard facilities

Perini Navi, Viareggio - The Group’s base and central offices are located in its shipyard in Viareggio, Italy. Here all Perini Navi brand sailing yacht projects are drawn, developed and constructed. It has 14,786sqm of docking and yard area, a dedicated work shed for mast construction and a covered shed for yachts up to 70 LOA.

Cantiere Picchiotti, La Spezia - The Picchiotti Vitruvius® series of motor yachts is constructed in La Spezia, Italy. The shipyard has three 70m hangars, two travel lifts of 820 and 260 tonnes and two 50m piers with a total work area of 32,000 sqm.

Perini Istanbul, Yildiz, Turkey - Located in the industrial area of Tuzla-Istanbul, Turkey, this is Perini Navi’s metal working division. With a waterfront of 42,000 sqm this is an ideal space for the construction of the hulls and superstructures for the shipyards motor and sailing yachts. Recent investments in the Yildiz shipyard have now made it capable of producing entire special projects such as the S/Y The Maltese Falcon. 

The yacht construction facility consists of 5,450sqm of covered prefabrication and erection sheds, 1,600sqm of covered workshops, a 1944sqm aluminium prefabrication and stock shed, a 100m slipway with a 55m extension underwater, 864sqm of high quality personnel facilities and 1300sqm of office and lodging space.

The remaining area has been given over to access roads, plate stockyard, future expansion and even 8,000sqm of freshly mowed lawns.

Renowned superyachts

Maltese Falcon

From the early 1980s the company has built dozens of megayachts with some of their most notable builds including; the world’s largest sail yacht the 88m The Maltese Falcon and Perseus 3 which has the worlds largest sail measuring 2,602sqm.