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Some superyacht owners claim ‘Mine is bigger than yours’. But as charter guests swap stories of luxury adventures in superyachts while cruising fabulous destinations around the world, the ‘Mine is better than yours’ chant is gaining ground as the accolade to hold. SYOG goes undercover to unravel what makes a great charter.

Successful superyacht chartering

What makes a superyacht stand out from the crowd?

Bespoke with a capital B, the chartering of a superyacht creates a personally customised holiday experience that is hard to match anywhere on land. Go where you want, when you want; surround yourself with chosen guests; become indulged by ever-attentive crew; and discuss dinner with your own personal chef.

You will never get it this good anywhere else. But with some 5,000 superyachts cruising around the world and a large percentage available for charter it makes you wonder: what makes one charter yacht more successful than her sisters? How does a superyacht owner make his or her vessel stand out from the crowd and attract the lion’s share of charter bookings?

The sundeck of M/Y Passion

To charter, or not to charter

Ultimately, it is the superyacht owner who makes the most difference and everything else stems from his or her decision to do so. He must genuinely want to charter his yacht out in the market place, which means that quite apart from the money, he must want people to enjoy her as much as he does and make the yacht available for this purpose.

Michelle Blore, managing director of Dream Sailing says, “One quite often hears the phrase the owner isn’t really that interested in chartering. To my ears this says the owner has little respect for his or her clients so don’t expect the owner to pay much attention to their needs, the crew won’t be particularly motivated to deliver a great charter experience, and the yacht is probably over-priced.”

Well-equipped vessels

A successful charter yacht will be well kitted out and this equipment will be in full working order. Something can always break during a charter due to bad luck but often the problem is poor maintenance or misuse. Responsibility for this goes right back to the owner, who must ensure a system is in place and funds are available to equip and maintain his yacht properly on a continual basis.

The bow of M/Y Sophie Blue

Penelope Kellie, of Worldwide Yacht Charter and Tours, agrees that the positive input of an owner makes a huge difference to a charter yacht. She said, “I was once on board Silolona, owned by American Patti Seery who has lived in Indonesia for the last thirty years. Trust me, there is not much she does not know about anywhere in Indonesia.

"We cruised the Raja Ampat, West Papua area and Patti was the most wonderful guide. There were seventeen crew on board to look after the guests and nothing was too much trouble. You left your cabin and it was cleaned as if by a fairy within two minutes. Once, arriving near some caves, I noticed the yacht’s tender moving off towing kayaks astern but thought nothing of it. Then Patti announced we were going to visit the caves. We got into another tender and set off into these caves in the middle of nowhere.

There we found crew with kayaks ready to take each of us on a personally guided tour of the caves, cold drinks at the ready. What an amazing experience! On another occasion while using the kayak to paddle round an island in the early morning, we found the tender waiting for us on the other side ready to serve Bucks Fizz!”


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