Moving with the ebb and flow of the ocean, superyacht seasons follow the same pattern, year in and year out, however there are always new hidden destinations to explore and sights and activities to experience. Cruising on board a luxury superyacht can allow for the world’s finest experiences and most exclusive sights. SYOG uncovers some of the best superyacht destinations and islands to visit aboard a luxury yacht, including the hidden gems off of the beaten track.

Destination Guides

Moving around the world with the yachting seasons, SYOG uncovers the most exciting destinations to visit aboard a superyacht.

Superyacht destinations

Privately owned or chartered, those privileged enough to see the world from the deck of a luxury superyacht will know that often the best sights and experiences are only uncovered with a little help from the locals. 

Pigs swimming in the blue waters of Fowl Cay, Bahamas

Working in collaboration with international experts in the superyacht industry, SYOG details the best sights and hidden gems to visit in some of the most beautiful destinations around the globe.  From glacier hiking and RIB safaris in the Norwegian Fjords to celeb-spotting and snorkeling in the Caribbean, get inspired with recommended excursions, daytrips and itineraries to uncover, explore and enjoy the most exclusive and luxurious destinations known to man.

If you’ve recently enjoyed an excursion aboard a superyacht, email us to let us know about your experiences, hidden delights, activities and recommended excursions.

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