Preparation is key

Everything but the kitchen sink becomes more apt in a galley where the humble sink becomes an important fresh food preparation zone.

Preparing three meals a day for guests and crew takes some organisation and counter space is at a premium in yacht galleys. Technical space will take priority over aesthetics, and the galley efficiency, food-flow, equipment and materials must be designed innovatively. When it comes to space, bigger isn’t always better and food activity zones (storage, preparation, cooking and serving) as well as counter height and floor and work surface materials will play a more integral part.

Everything but the kitchen sink becomes more apt in a galley where the humble sink becomes an important fresh food preparation zone. Known as wet zones, yacht sinks have undergone major renovation in recent years and Dornbracht, a manufacturer of high quality fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens, has developed a collection of unique systems built around their Water Zones programme.

The concept represents a completely new design for yacht galleys, for the first time allowing for the spatial separation of different water-related tasks, just as they are in the professional kitchen. The specially configured Water Sets (fittings) and Water Units (basins) are coordinated to suit each Water Zone: preparing, cooking, cleaning, drinking, cutting boards and universal. Their newly launched water dispensers provide instant near-boiling water (93ºC) at the touch of a lever. The various designs range from the sculptural and boldly angular (in keeping with the Tara Lot series) to rounded and harmonious (Elio series) or classically cyclindrical (Tara Classic series).

At the centre of any integrated galley system is the marine cooker, the beating heart of life in a busy yacht galley. Electric ranges demand durability, efficiency and safety as galley design and appliance suppliers Galleytek confirm, “Space and time saving are the key elements when considering a new range. And having smooth tops to the range without joins and grooves ensures hygienic standards are maintained on the overall construction.” 

While alternative cooking techniques such as the cutting edge sous-vide vacuum cooking are gaining strength, tried and tested steam injected combi ovens are still the most sought-after piece of galley equipment, according to Galleytek. “The combi-steamer is top of the list. Baking, steaming, grilling, roasting and sous-vide cooking can all be done in this all round versatile piece of equipment,” they explained.

When it comes to small appliances and utensils, top-grade restaurant quality is required to run a busy catering galley. From top-of-the-range Paco-Jet ice cream makers to Hobart Stand-Up mixers or heavy duty Vita-Prep blenders for making dough, every chef will have their own list of personal favourites. Innovations such as the launch of Thermomix’s compact and versatile 12-in-one appliance are allowing for precious space-saving and wider functionality, while Rieber’s Swiss-ply Thermoplate is the first cooking pot in Gastronorm format. Durability is fundamental and small appliance models that have variable speeds or have internal plastic parts have limited shelf life under heavy use. Likewise, utensils and cookware are best designed with bases in stainless steel or iron-based, such as Vollrath’s cookware collections which are made from tri-ply construction for quick, even heat and induction cooking.

A forerunner in the marine appliance industry, Miele Marine is focusing its efforts into combining reliable high tech appliances, while being environmentally friendly, meaning low energy and water consumption. Revolutionary features such as 3D cutlery trays and interior LED lights in dishwashers combine with wash cycles using just 7 litres of water - less than a sink’s worth - and consumption values of only 0.83kWh. As pioneers of the first built-in coffee machine over two decades ago, Miele has stayed at the forefront of innovation and offers built-in systems with both an integrated coffee grinder or Nespresso capsule system. 

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