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Now, it is more of a case of them choosing a simple white design, but stipulating a higher thread count and simple one line embroidery design.

Tatjana Jarkovoj, of luxury linen suppliers Jet & Yacht Comfort in Mallorca, believes that the quality and excellence of the master suite are achieved by adding that special touch. As a supplier of luxury bed linens, bedding, towels and table linen for superyachts she understands what those touches are.

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She tells us, “Linen trends are changing; it used to be that yacht owners sought out more detailed work, with more colours and designs woven into the fabrics using three line embroidery. Now, it is more of a case of them choosing a simple white design, but stipulating a higher thread count and simple one line embroidery design.”

“The higher thread counts are now in fashion and in high demand, white with a discreet colour insert and cashmere borders are what most people are asking for. We carry an exclusive cashmere/silk blend of the highest quality that can be found in bed linen. To top it off, we recommend a fur bed cover - they are back in style again and add that real touch of luxury.”

Bamboo to ostrich skin

Design Unlimited specialises in yacht interior design for both custom and production yachts. Founded in 2000 by Mark Tucker, the team has worked on master suites for many well known sailing and motor superyacht, as well as in conjunction with leading production boat builders.

He tells us, “Cost continues to be a key consideration when putting together master suites for production boat builders, especially when it comes to selecting fabrics and other elements of soft furnishings. The colours offered do not change greatly over time as they have to be relatively conservative in order to protect resale values, hence the widespread use of natural, neutral tones. However, individual owners then have the freedom to add their own personal touches such as scatter cushions to create a desired effect.

interior lounge of a superyacht

“Production builders do of course take into account the fact that tastes vary according to both target age groups and the parts of the world from which their customers come, and adjust their colour options accordingly. For example: Russians and Mid Eastern owners tend to prefer reds and golds. South Americans like ‘cigar’ colours and oranges.”

Northern Europeans like dark mahogany finishes, southerners lighter shades such as oak. “There are of course no rules when it comes to superyacht owners, but there are trends, not least because changes in interior design are closely correlated with those in fashion. The more natural tones, such as taupes and creams, found in custom yacht soft furnishings a year or two ago have since given way to brighter colours - corals, greens and pinks. There are often pastel shades with velvets and satins making recent comebacks.”

Natural fabric processes are also in, both when it comes to production such as in hand woven and knitted textures as well as in dying techniques to give subtle variations of colour. Heavy textiles are also favoured. Bamboo is another natural material that has become more widespread; when the fibres have been suitably treated they feel like silk underfoot.

“The use of exotic skins is hugely popular in master suites. Shagreen (from rays) and other fish skins such as salmon and even cod can be used. Beautiful when treated, they are very tough, can be dyed to any colour, and can be applied to a range of surfaces. Fish skin is obtained as a by-product of fish farming and so is fully sustainable and eco-friendly. The same applies to other popular skins including reindeer suede, ostrich and parchment (goat hide).”


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