To sleep so as to dream

SYOG slips under the duvet in master suites that boast of ample space to relax and re-energise.

In a palace, it is called the bedchamber, the army will refer to it as a billet, the navy as a berth, at boarding school it’s called a dormitory, in the brothel it’s a boudoir and on board the superyacht, what is in essence the sleeping quarters, is called the master suite.

Superyacht interior bedroom with view

Whatever its name, the bedroom has clearly performed the same roles throughout history, and is an essential, if not the most important part of the home. It is not surprising really when you consider that we humans in the western world spend a third of our lives in the land of nod. Add a sprinkling of sexual intimacy and you begin to understand why and how this simple, four-walled space has evolved over history in conjunction with culture, society and all that comes with it.

With their attractive and streamlined designs, superyachts offer their owners unprecedented on board comfort that goes hand in hand with optimised safety and technology that takes them to the most exotic of destinations. During time on board, the owner will spend moments on the bridge, the bar, the sun deck and the dining room but it is to their master suite that they retire each evening and spend the most time.

As superyachts have grown in size and splendour the master suite has evolved in ever more glamorous guises. Yet all the while, comfort and quality reign supreme. When superyachts were smaller, specially shaped beds were often squashed into whatever space was available.

Today, the superyacht has full super king size or even emperor beds, dramatic headboards and floating LED lit bases. Pocket sprung or memory foam mattresses are the minimum requirement, ‘man eating’ mattress toppers that clients melt into and custom designed Egyptian Cotton bed linen with a minimum thread count of 600, often 1200, are the norm.

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The master cabin has to feel spacious. It is after all a haven and private sitting room in its own right, where your feet sink into the plush carpet as you gaze idly out of windows at the beautiful island you're anchored off. Everything about it has to be designed to feel luxurious, sumptuous and akin to staying in your favourite boutique hotel.

On Blush, the Sunseeker 155 created for superyacht owner Eddie Jordan, interior designer Sallyanne Holmes transformed the integrated and closable balcony on the port side of the master suite into a reading room complete with swivel chairs and a lustrous gold wrap on the bulkheads. She also added plush rugs where the owner or charter guests can sit and relax in private with the full width window open.

Automation inside the master suite is becoming an essential ingredient. Blinds in beautiful fabrics are electrically operated from beside the bed. Silently raised, they enable the owner to see what the day is like outside without troubling to get out of bed. Full size flat screen TVs, AV systems, Wifi and iPhone/iPod/iPad wireless connectivity are every bit as essential here in this space in much the same way as owners would expect to have them at home.

A superyacht interior lounge


There must also be a dressing table and chair that doubles up as a desk should an owner need to do some work. Walk-in wardrobes are equally essential in the master suite - these dressing room sized closets need to be fitted out with shelving and hanging rails to maximise space and are often lined in cedar wood. Full-length mirrors need to be in plentiful supply.

En-suite bathrooms should be large and luxurious. Here the trends are moving away from the Jacuzzi style bathtub in favour of walk in wet rooms and/or Victoria and Albert freestanding roll top baths. Shower cubicles need to feature both fixed and hand held showers and should offer the user a choice of water flows and pressures.

It is not unusual to find TVs set into the mirrored fronts of bathroom cabinets so that the morning news can be watched as the shaving cream is removed or make up applied. Glamorous tiles, marbles and beautiful bathroom cabinets along with recognisable label toiletries, customised towels, bathrobes and slippers are all a necessity in the well found master suite. 


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