Luxury yacht cinematic escapes

Superyacht theatre that mirrors a film’s location.

Gone are the days when having the biggest TV screen was enough to generate awe and admiration in your guests. In the world of personal entertainment, moving cinema seats, karaoke systems whose lights mirror the singer’s pitch and a fireplace with virtual flames that do not burn are just a handful of the audio-visual (AV) effects being deployed aboard modern superyachts. Here are some futuristic developments to look out for today.

A private cinema room on a superyacht

Moving seats that make a movie seem real are one of the special attributes of the 12-person cinema aboard the 75m superyacht in which SYOG cruised recently. They employed what is called 4D technology, a technique developed by D Box in Canada, a company that works closely with the studios at a movie’s post-production stage to match seat movements with frame-by-frame screen action. With up to 30 separate movements a second, this process can take up to 600 hours per film.

But sitting in seats that are perfectly synchronised with all on-screen action creates a realistic immersive experience, adding a new dimension to on-board cinemas. As technology becomes more versatile, so yacht owners become more demanding. Suppliers must find ever-increasing ways to make the AV installations on board one yacht stand out and be better than the next.

Design, technology and secret spaces

Entertainment systems inside a superyacht

Alessandra De Siati, CEO of Eggzero says “What we call design technology is nothing but the clever integration of technology into design. It’s a totally different approach to technology and systems integration. This approach leads us to design advanced solutions which push the limits of what’s available on the mainstream market, making one-off requests and expectations available to those who are looking for something new and exclusive.

“Imagine walking into a room where, at the merest touch of a tablet screen, you can access your own secret space. Come rain or shine you decide your own weather forecast for the day. The room’s ambience follows the mood of the images you’re watching and the music you’re listening to, and the furniture participates in the emotion of the moment with you. One of the latest projects installed by Eggzero has been designed just like that, for a client who wished to have a private hidden space within a wider common area.

© Eggzero

“We called this La Dolce Vita,” continues De Siati. “We designed a round secret room concealed by automated swivelling doors, with integrated LED lighting fixtures. The hidden room reveals a reading space and a cinema theatre with incredible technology features. The whole idea of this space was to let the client walk into another dimension, a more emotional space that could reflect his mood at that very moment. We created a special round ceiling with monitors playing different elements in nature: from clear skies to a total eclipse of the sun.”

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