Superyacht theatre and cinema

Superyacht tech innovations and 9D.

Tech innovations and 9D

In-wall speakers that deliver dialogue with breathtaking clarity while remaining entirely hidden behind an acoustically transparent fabric are an innovation found aboard some superyachts; projectors boasting enough light output to allow viewing in bright daylight on deck (with screens as large as table tennis tables) are another.

cinema interactive screen box

Advanced New Technologies (ANT) is currently investigating superyacht theatres and cinemas that will in the near future offer a 9D experience. This technology will combine 3D film with physical effects including chair movements and multi-sensory effects like smoke, rain, lighting and special aromas. 9D is set to provide a totally immersive experience which commences as soon as you enter the room.

It is created by the growing and shrinking of the theatre walls and ceiling with a highly specialised hydraulic process, putting the audience at the centre of the action by creating an atmosphere that mirrors the film’s location.

When the movie features a car chase through open countryside, the on-board cinema will open out to create a vast space whose gigantic screen enhances the feeling of scale. If the chase plunges into tight streets and narrow alleyways, the walls and ceiling will close in to give the viewer a real sense of the drama and claustrophobia.

Flawless integration

A key requisite aboard the 54m Admiral Sea Force One superyacht is Eggzero's seamless integration of sophisticated LED lighting and music systems. Technology blends with the yacht's flowing curves and rigid lines to facilitate a complete immersion into another world. The yacht's formidable home cinema and disco bar are just two of the more fantastic AV entertainment experiences to be found on board.

private cinema room on board a superyacht

Another remarkable installation was during the recent refit of a large superyacht. AV specialists Veritais equipped the shadow yacht’s helicopter hangar to function not only as an on-board cinema with two 5.6m (220-inch) projection screens, but also as a state-of-the-art automated disco complete with nucleus lighting effects, LED pin spots, a motorised mirror ball with lasers and two smoke machines.

Its ship-wide, multi-zone music system also allowed music held on a central server to be played anywhere on board (including the external helideck) via four high-powered waterproof speakers. “We really enjoyed this project,” commented Veritais’s MD, David Milner. It’s always a pleasure to work for an owner, designer and Captain with such ambitious plans, and the seriously large internal spaces within this yacht gave us scope to create something really special. For anyone who enjoys movies, music and dancing, this has to be the ideal boat.” 


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