Superyacht games and inflatables

SYOG investigates superyacht games and inflatables.

Superyacht sea pool

A private, made-to-measure ocean pool is one superyacht accessory that little boys and girls will appreciate just as much as the adults. These pools of safer seawater make it far easier to enjoy the life aquatic directly from the swim platform without encountering the creatures that can bite, sting and otherwise ruin a lazy day’s relaxation. Pools like those from expert tube manufacturers, Henshaw Inflatables, will offer protection from passing craft as well as from underwater nasties.

An alongside inflatable pool next to a superyacht

The Henshaw pool also offers a strong and rigid inflatable surround, with a robust non-slip top that’s perfect for supporting several sunbathers at once. It’s designed to retain its firm shape even in strong winds or rougher conditions, though SYOG suspects that superyacht guests and their children will already be ensconced in the comfort of the on-board cinema if conditions have become so inclement! Crew will love this product too, for it deflates and folds down into a compact package for stowing on board, leaving plenty of space for other toys in the tender garage.

Inventors of the original air-sealed, hook-over-the-railing yacht slide, Poseidon Inflatables, also have a number of new products coming soon. The Poseidon Sea Stairs, Sea Bridge, Self Lifter Slide and Dock Slide are apparently just the tip of the trident, so SYOG will be keeping an eye on them in the months ahead.

Pinball wizard

They supply superyachts with the finest collection of indoor toys from new and vintage pinball machines, to brand new or classically cool jukeboxes, all lovingly restored to their former glory by their workshop’s team of dedicated craftspeople.

© Henshaw Inflatables

Both adults and children will enjoy their luxury retro games coffee table. Custom-made to match the yacht and inspired by 1980s’ gaming tables, it has the look and feel of a classic arcade table with LCD monitor, toughened glass top, buttons and joystick controller and arrives stocked with 60 well-loved vintage games. An air hockey table that is specially designed for smaller children is bound to be a hit with younger guests, or adorn your sundeck with table football to get everyone outside.

More than a toy

Sailing on a world cruise with young children is a life-changing experience, but their education with private tuition still needs to continue. Advanced New Technologies (ANT) has partnered with U-Touch and other suppliers to create a specialised electronic classroom, enhanced with HD data projectors, LCD panels, computers and learning systems with amazing interactivity for children.

It includes high technology kit that allows children to draw all over the bulkheads with a multicolour ‘brush’ and ‘eraser’, and features a ‘magic wand’ to bring their drawings to life. With no messy clean-up operation required, this is fantastic interactive education meets chief stew’s delight. 

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