Marketing Services works with both established and aspiring luxury brands from all market sectors wanting to connect with the superyacht industry including: superyacht and marine suppliers, automotive, aviation, technology, entertainment, fashion, finance, jewellery, property, luxury goods and travel. 

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Luxury brand owners

SYOG works with luxury brand owners that want to connect with;

  • Superyacht owners and UHNWIs (ultra-high net worth individuals)
  • Captains and crew
  • Superyacht and Interior designers, naval architects, engineers and specifiers
  • Brokers
  • Charter companies and charter guests
  • Shipyards
  • Project managers and owner representatives
  • Management companies
  • Luxury goods, artworks, marketing and branding companies
  • Bespoke and luxury maritime suppliers
  • Boat shows and exclusive events


  • is promoted at the world’s most important boat shows and events
  • provides owners, their representatives, captains and project managers with the latest industry ideas and knowledge
  • Readers turn to the business partner to find companies to provide solutions in their project
  • The SYOG team works with you to produce finely-crafted advertorial text to promote your brand. This will appear in the most relevant section to deliver your brand direct to the reader
  • The strength of your brand combined with the SYOG brand present a powerful mix of credibility and endorsement
  • We think that the objective of luxury business is the same for any business: having a good ROI

While luxury means exclusiveness and uniqueness, the internet is a medium for everyone. understands that if you want to have a luxury business online, how will you get as many leads or sales from your targeted audiences, while maintaing the elite image of your brand?

Emphasise the uniqueness of your brand with can help you emphasise the uniqueness of your product targeting the superyacht industry by showcasing the quality, design and craftsmanship of your product through our business partner pages. As a luxury brand who understands the digital consumer, we can help you to emphasise your product qualities through the best imagery and content and using high quality media.

Make the story of your brand a central element using

On, how elements are placed and which one occupies the central or above the fold space, are essential factors for conversion optimisation. The purchase decision of luxury goods is unique and it's generally based on emotions. Your business partner page can concentrate on creating the ambiance and on communicating the story of your brand. First you introduce the consumer into the universe of your brand. Only then comes the call to action through your email, address and contact details.

Create brand loyalty and personalise your communication with

  • Advertorial features
  • Newsletters 
  • Editorial sponsorship
  • News and Blog Sponsorship

By utilising opportunities within the SYOG luxury book, or both, you can reach key decision makers in the superyacht industry. Talk to us about our marketing services and how we can help you target your audience.

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