Future IMO legislation

Future IMO Legislation

A summary of the latest changes in the Lloyd's Register Future IMO Legislation document, and how this impacts yacht builders and operators.

Issued February 2015

The Lloyd's Register Future IMO Legislation document highlights those regulations possibly affecting yacht builders and operators. The document (for guidance only) gives a summary of the changing legislation and the impact it might have on yachts.

Technical drawings of a yacht design

Summary of major developments affecting yachts:

1. MEPC 66 accepted a delay in the application to large yachts (those larger than 24m in length and and of a gt of less than 500) until 2021, but did not accept a change for other ship types sailing in the existing NOx ECAs...

2. January 2016: A summary of changes impacting the ventilation arrangements for ships... 

3. January 2016: Amendments requiring means of escape and improved access to normal exit and emergency escape routes...

4. Details of the adoption of the ballast water management convention and ships recycling convention...

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Statutory alert: Guidance for good practice

Class News No. 21/2015 | 20th October 2015

Applicability: All builders, owners and operators

The IMO has consolidated previously issued guidance relating to Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) into one guidance document, published as Circular MSC.1/Circ.1503.

Cockpit aboard a small boat

This circular gave advice on:

  • SOLAS chart carriage requirements
  • ECDIS software maintenance
  • Operating anomalies identified within ECDIS
  • Differences between raster chart display system (RCDS) mode and ECDIS mode
  • ECDIS training
  • Transitioning from paper charts to ECDIS navigation
  • Guidance on training and assessment in the operational use of ECDIS simulators

It also includes a list of ECDIS apparent operating and display anomalies, and referenced to IMO performance standards for ECDIS and other circulars related to ECDIS.

Ship operators, masters and deck officers on ECDIS-fitted ships are encouraged to use this guidance to improve their understanding and facilitate safe and effective use of ECDIS.

For more information, visit Lloyd’s Register.

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